The Tyranny of Dragons

The Mysterious Island
Come to the Island

After meeting up with the rest of the Caravan after getting back to Everlund, we set out for Silvery Moon, where Clair lives. On the way, while we passed a forest, I noticed that something was watching us from it. Clair tells us about a little legend that had told around there about a scary “Actual Cannibal” lurking in the forest. We went to check it out and Trappist get his foot caught in a bear trap. Suddenly, we see the dreaded “Actual Cannibal” and he starts chasing us on all fours. We start running and find a cabin. We enter but the “Actual Cannibal” is already there, sharpening an ax. We attack him while he attacks and dances, surely to get us off our guard. We eventually defeat him and Graoully immediately beheads him. We leave the forest with Graoully keeping the severed head of the “Actual Cannibal” to give to the guards at Silvery Moon. When we arrive at Silvery Moon to give it to the guards, they say that they’ve never even heard about the “Actual Cannibal.” Graoully then wants to keep the head and have it preserved. I will have none of that. It must be gotten rid of. I tell Graoully this but he wants to keep it. I then try to take it but am unsuccessful. Javier then takes it and gives it to me. I try to burn it with sacred flame but nothing happens. Some guards come to see the commotion and arrest us for different things. We go to trial and plead our cases. Before any verdict is given out, Clair and some enthusiastic gentlemen come in and get us exonerated. Graoully is mad because he says he wants justice served. Clair introduces us to the gentlemen as her master, Flarnbeard. He tells us that he has a mission for us to help find his friend that went missing after going to an island. I don’t want to be distracted from my own mission but the other party members besides Clair want to go and I know that they’ll need my help. Also, I’m not one to pass up someone in need unless I have a really good reason. Before we depart, I check out the local library to see if there is anymore information on Tiamat and the Cult of Dragons. I don’t learn much more than I learned before in the library in Beregost. With that explored, I’m ready to set out for the island.

We set sail for the island and we encounter a storm at sea. Javier’s horse is washed overboard but other than that we all make it to island safely. We decide to rest in the customs office for the night and explore the island in the morning. In the customs office, there is a room with a corpse in it. We put the door up on the frame and a trap in front of it so that nothing comes to sneak up on us while we sleep. During the night, lo and behold, something did come and sneak up on us while we slept and the trap didn’t work. It was someone who tried to steal Clair. We stopped them and it was revealed to be a boy who looked mostly human with a few orc features. He couldn’t talk and would write things with charcoal in Orc that only Trappist could read. He clung to Clair writing “Sun” when asked about her. Flarnbeard, who has a book of one use only spells and rituals cast Tougues on the half orc boy. He still couldn’t speak as he didn’t know a language but he understood us when we asked him questions. The next morning we explore the island, noting that it was empty save for this little half orc boy. The lighthouse revealed somethings about the town and the houses we looked through revealed even more of the picture to us. We found many things in the houses from corpses to spyglasses to fanatic crossbow bolts to…wasps and a lot of scriptures from a fanatical religion. Through our search we discovered the house of the half orc boy and in searching it found documents that detailed everyone on the island, including the boy whose name was Ruby. We eventually found our way to a burnt down house next to all the other houses. When Graoully went and dug around in the ashes, an ash mephit emerged and we attacked him. We defeated it and it replayed an scene from the time the house burned down. It seems like the residents were attacked by an orc or half orc and killed. At the end of the scene, it exploded, spraying ash everywhere and blinding Graoully. He started wandering around blind and fell down a well near the center of town. Trappist jumps down after him and I lower a rope and climb down after them.

At the bottom of the well, there is an area with tunnels going out from it. There are also two corpses embracing with crossbow bolts in their chests. When the others joined us down the well, Ruby revealed that the two corpses were his parents Rogath and Sunny Rumrick, one being a Half orc man and the other a human woman. We explore the rest of the tunnels, with monsters and in-fighting along the way, and it leads to a half orc chained up to the wall surrounded by dead fish. Even though he was in chains, he was an intimidating presence. He scares Graoully by screaming and Graoully goes running off back down the tunnels. Between the wasps and this, Graoully is looking more and more non-godly by the day. The half orc tells us, in bewildered mutterings, that he was the brother of the Rpgath and was responsible for killing some of the people in town, because one of the humans, Kinkaid Rumrick, who was the one we were looking for and the father of Sunny Rumrick, went ballistic after finding out that his daughter was pregnant by a half orc. There was growing unrest between some of the humans and half orcs in the town and when Kinkaid found out about his daughter, Kinkaid attacked and killed her and Rogath. In response, Rogath’s brother killed Kinkaid and everyone in town. He was then chained here by someone who tortured him. After we got Graoully back from his scared sprint, we found a secret passage in the holding room and it lead to a mining factory where Kobolds were mining rubies. They noticed us and attacked saying they had to protect their master. We defeated many of them, leaving 6 alive. We restrained them under pickaxes and went on to see their master in the other room. In the other room there was a huge pile of rubies and when we approached, an adult red dragon emerged from the pile. We tried to talk our way out of it but he was belligerent and attacked Clair. She charged at the dragon and Flarnbeard tackled her to the ground the keep her from getting killed. His book of spells and rituals, however, fell from his person and into the pile of rubies the dragon was on. He had told us earlier that if the book left his possession, a meteor swarm would come down and burn the book. A few seconds later, that’s exactly what happened. Meteors burst through the ceiling and landed right on top of the dragon. The dragon became encased in ruby save his head, wings and tail. He was looking very ragged and the party decided that now was the perfect time to defeat the dragon. It was still a difficult battle but we managed to defeat him. We harvested the dragon parts that we could to use to help on our quest and took the Kobolds left under our wing. I didn’t want one at first but after they had pledged allegiance to us and Trappist killed one for no reason, I had compassion on them and kept one that was not yet claimed by the other members. I named him Aerun and decided to teach him the ways of Eldath in hopes that he may find and spread peace upon the world.

The Winter King's Fortress
Brrr! It's cold in here!

We get to the city of Everlund, we discovered that it was unnaturally cold for this time of year. While we were conversing with the townsfolk, a giant viking boat came flying out of the sky. It was full of skeletons and zombies that start attacking the town. We vanquish them and the boat starts talking. It tells us to return the Ice Scepter to the Winter King. We asked around town to see if anyone knows anything about this. We saw one of the people in the crowd acting suspicious so we captured and interrogated him. We found that he stole something from an icy mountain a few weeks ago and it looks like something that would be described as the Ice Scepter. We take it to the boat and we, along with some halflings that we were supposed to ferry across the lake, Tito and the thief, fly the boat to the mountain. It’s a treacherous journey but we make there with no casualties.

We try to open the door to the inside of the palace but we are unsuccessful, much to the chagrin of the people inside. They eventually open the door for us and we enter. Someone claiming to be the Winter King welcomes us and invites us to eat and rest. Something seemed suspicious so Graoully did his divine handshake and hurt the human who turned out to be an impostor. The food and beds were all corpses and the thief who was eating the food got really sick and started going crazy. We fought the impostor and defeated him and his two dire wolves. We searched the rest of the fortress, met some new people, fought various enemies and freed a trapped ghost who kind of warned us about Tiamat. We eventually found a secret way into the throne room where the Winter King sat. It turned out the a kobold with a magic mask that was controlling the Winter King. After attacking him several times, his mask kept reviving him. We took the mask from him but his attunement to it was too strong. I returned the Ice Scepter to the Winter King and the Winter King froze the kobold. The ghost removed the attunement to the mask and Trappist took it. We searched the fortress some more in case we missed anything while Clair went to check on the boat and found the treasury. Some thieves also found it after we did and activated the traps in the room to get to it. We defeated the thieves and left the fortress.

Upon exiting, we found that the boat was on fire and the halflings had captured Clair and were holding her over a fire. We cut her down and asked Tito what happened. Apparently, Clair told the thief, who was permanently crazy, to set it on fire. We tried to save whatever wood we could and Javier wood crafted a new head for the magic flying boat. It was a very ram-shack raft rather than a boat. It was christened the A.S.S. Hope Floats and we rode it back down the mountain. It crashed at the bottom but we again managed to escape harm and casualties. We turned the thief over to the town and then ate and rested.

In the Night
Assassins and Dragons

No sooner after having arrived at Baulder’s Gate, we’re going to be leaving so I’ll make this quick. I became the translator between Javier and Chico. Chico is not being cooperative. I researched Tiamat for my mission and then we sold the stuff that we got from Beregost to people in Baulder’s Gate. We also bought some stuff. I tried to buy some holy water but it was WAY too expensive so I passed. The real action happened at night. Some of the other party members wanted to sell Chico to the Thieves’ Guild. Graoully offered to buy Chico from Javier but before Javier could answer, assassins came and attacked us. We fought them trying to knock them out but when we did, a very sneaky assassin would kill them all. We couldn’t find them and he got away. Tito also tried to help but didn’t do much. Graoully slapped Chico and he busted free. We tried to apprehend him but he ended up killing himself trying to attack Javier. Javier took him to a temple of Lathandar, god of birth and renewal. He sold everything he had to heal Chico and Chico was healed but turned into an egg. Then Clair went to the Thieves’ Guild and gave them one of the weapons one of the assassins used, covertly accusing them of attacking us. After all this, I was done for the night so I started my trance.

A merchants life
Speed Wagon meets the Manticore Mayor

After the very successful rescue of a captured monk We left the enemy encampment and left a fish so they would know that they were bested by me, even though they though they had captured us it was all part of my plan to locate and rescue the monk.

We returned to greenest and after receiving our reward I went to the local Merchant to purchase some more items that I needed. while Javier bought the equipment that the Tarbaw Nighthill had lent us. Upon arriving I encountered a group of traveling merchants trying to sell some wears, (Growing up on the Vacant isles I knew that for the best price its best to cut out the middle man.) So opting to purchase from the traveling merchants I learned they were seeking people to act as guards for their small caravan. I was happy to go and it seemed Trappist was too, but before I could ask my other fellows they ran off to the keep, I decided to purchase myself a wagon and move my items to it, it turned out that everyone either agreed to help the caravan or were heading in the same direction.

We were introduced to the Caravan owner and his fellows, Gordon and SoufflĂ©, and they enchanted our wagons to make the long journey faster. We Speed off away from Greenest so fast that Aelar fell off this wagon and was picked up by Gordon. Chips seem to enjoy the ride very much however Javier’s new pet seemed to hate it and is in a very foul mood.

As we speed along we encountered a few Orcs and Clair prolonged the fight longer than was needed and Soufflé decided to finish off the last Orc, shortly afterwards just outside of a small town that we were planning to stop at we were greeted by the Mayor a Manticore, He asked us a riddle which i quickly answered then it seemed half our group proceeded to ask him riddles, Giving him no time to answer, and assaulting him with Riddles he decided return home.

When we arrived in town we split up and after awhile meet up at the ruins of a school of magic, while loading bricks to sell later we discovered a trap door and entered to find a toxic Sewer filled with what seemed to be acid. After witnessing the suicide of the last remaining survivor i found a very nice set of antique chairs which I loaded up into my Wagon, they should fetch a nice price.

Rescue Mission
Moar Dragons!

After we heard about that the monk master Leosin was kidnapped, we went off to the Cult of Dragons raid base camp just outside of town. The mayor gave us all the supplies that we needed and Clair begrudgingly came with us. We encountered a group of cultists and Kobolds who straggled behind the rest of their raiding party. We surprised them and defeated them before they could get to their weapons. We interrogated one of the cultists and found out the exact location of the hideout before Trappist killed him, even though he didn’t have to. We buried the bodies and I said a little prayer so that Eldath may give them her peace. We followed the trail to their camp where there was a place where we could’ve been ambushed, but with some of our group’s keen senses, we avoided it and went around. I talked to a bird and it told about the inside of the horseshoe shaped plateau where the camp was. We decided to sneak around the side of the plateau and scale up to keep some stealth and element of surprise. After we climbed up and scoped out the interior, which had lots of tents, lots of cultists partying, and lots and lots of drakes, we decided our first course of action would be to somehow take out the guard tower at the top overlooking the camp. We argued about how to go about it for an hour, it seemed, then Clair and Trappist just decided to go off on their own and do their own plan. I sat outside waiting and praying that they didn’t get themselves captured or killed. I heard the bird call signal and went inside. They had killed the four guards that were in there and we discussed what to do next. We decided to put on the uniforms and do reconnaissance. After they hid the bodies, we went out into the camp where everyone was partying. The biggest tent in the camp was guarded by two Dragon Claws. Trappist went to distract him and get some information out of him by pretending to be drunk and offering him a drink but it didn’t work. We went back to the guard tower since the Dragon Claw said he would be sending some people to replace us. When they got there, we talked with them for a bit then Clair, out of nowhere, attacked one of them and Graoully followed suit. They tried to grapple them before they could alarm the camp but Clair was unsuccessful and the guard blew the horn. Trappist, who was hiding this whole time, comes up and cuts one of the guards in half! I don’t know what’s going on at this point so I try to knock one of the other guards out, but I hit him too hard and he goes flying out the hole in the front of the guard tower and crashes into a tent below. I’m freaking out at this point and Graoully says we can still make this work. He pretends to be the one who killed the guards and we pretend to hold him. Other cultists come and we tie him up and they lower him down to the campground. While this is happening, Pandarrosa, and Mondath come up and sees what’s going on. They see through our disguises and have us captured and our weapons taken. We are taken to crosses outside of their tent where they have Leosin. After they leave, we free ourselves and Leosin and convince him to come with us. We also try to free the other prisoners but my and Graoully’s armor was too loud and we alerted the camp. We booked it for the entrance at Leosin’s advice, and almost made it out but another guard tower in the front had people there to intercept us. They also had our weapons. We beat them, took our weapons back and Graoully and Trappist took one of the guard drakes so that we can have another potentially dangerous pet to worry about. Javier eventually took ownership of the drake and named it Chico.


Dang yall, I started going along with a bunch of weird people. A bloodthirsty bird guy/girl/thing, a pretty lady who is not too smart, dragon guy who think he is a god and has “followers”, and a magic man obsessed with starting and putting out fires.
I don’t know where I was but I figured I follow them and we go to this keep to save some people. I whooped lots of ass, but I go my booty handed to me and almost died. We saved them people, but then this cray cray called Mondath but is actually Prince, comes and makes a scene. Then this giant blue pokemon dragon thing called LeninThong can almost kills us. We survived, went to save more people, almost died again, and came back to the keep. Afterwards I found out the town is called Greennext, and I bought cooking supplies, so I can cook stuff now.

I was just following the guys since they want to go to this plato thing, but I felt like I was forgetting something. That monk’s name, LeanOnThor OhLANparty, sounds familiar…

Until Dawn
Or how Graoully got a groove in his back

with the urging of Costanza We rushed up to face the mighty Dragon on a surprisingly unoccupied parapet, after exchanging pleasantries we learned that he was traveling to make a name for himself and thus he began to attack as many allies came up to our aid. As the mighty beast flew around taunting us clair decided to take the weapon from one of your allies and proceeded to shoot it wildly into the air, giving chase after the man she had taken the weapon from, down into the lower levels. javier proceeded to run into the dragon’s side a few time. Aelar Feed the dragon some fire, while Trappist showed him how high he could throw an Axe, I believe he is still working on the catching part. After tossing a pebble I assumed would be a tripping hazard off the roof I went over to Trappist and became so bored with the taunting of the dragon that I fear I may have dozed off. I was awoken later by my comrades, feeling stronger from my short nap.

Costanza the red then sent us off to save the towns mill, for fear they would not last the winter without it. We made our way out through the now rat free tunnel and past the secured gate. I found a small child hiding in the bushes and shortly after found her family, We told them that we had sent the child to the keep and how to reach her.

Upon reaching the mill, and finding it under attack by a small group, we set about dispatching them. After taking one captive, I brought the poor fellow over to a nearby wagon and started to converse with Trappist, while my other companions went to check the mill for damage. Trappist and I heard a scream and turned to see our compatriots leaping out the window carrying a unconscious Clair. It seemed our foes had set a trap for us but we bravely fought them off and gained another prisoner. on our way back we encountered more foes at a bridge and before I could set about going to their rescue Javier made a rather loud sound while trying to hide behind some barrels and alerted our foes, who then began attacking the villagers. As I rushed up to defend them I spied a Drake that looked rather lost and confused. I asked my allies to aid me in capturing it so that I might take care of it and and raise it in a loving home. My allies aided me in it’s capture but during all the commotion our captured Kobold seemed to disappear, I gave it little thought as i picked up my new friend and the grinning Trappist grabbed our remaining prisoner.

We returned to the keep and there the red dwarf told us that we had helped out greatly and we had the chance to settle in for a long deserved sleep. I greeted my follower’s and after making a small request from the blacksmith, settled in for the night up in the parapet with my new friend, who still being a little excited I tucked in for the night.

I was awoken the next morning not by the sounds of Trappist which I had expected as much as I expected the sun to always rise, But from the sound of many foes outside the walls. We found our foes had gather once more outside our gate and had with them some prisoners.

Our foes parted and from the gather came a large blue figure standing an impressive twenty-four hands high, this being congratulated us on surviving their onslaught and demanded we send out our strongest fighter to fight in a Dual for the lives of their prisoners. I volunteered myself without a second thought, though I could see in the eye of my ally Trappist he was eager to fight himself. I received thanks from one of the Cannoneers and before leaving the Keep, Aelar and Clair both gave me words of encouragement. I walked up to the large half dragon, told him I accepted his challenge and after agreeing to a fair and honest dual we exchanged names and began our fight. Meeting my foe blow for blow, and even brushing off the thunderous breath from his mighty maw. We each fought our hardest, battering each other the the brink of death, finally he let out a might roar and charged one last time at me. The fury of his attacks proved too much however and he was declared the victor. Being true to his word he released his prisoners and before leaving with his minions, felt the need to thank me for such a fair and honorable fight, gave me a small gift to remember him by, I believe I shall feel the weight of his gift upon my back until I meet him again and return it to him.

I returned with my allies and the former captives and was greeted by cheers from all those in the keep. Costanza so moved by my actions felt fit to honor me with a gift of a mighty sword. I gratefully accepted and upon grasping it in my hands saw a vision, and felt a unknown force pulling me ever so gently to the north. I feel I should meditate upon all this soon.

The long night
looking for fish in all the wrong places

Our Journey started when on the Road to the town of Greenest when I encountered some rather odd fellows. My eyes were first drawn to a rather ill looking bird that I now know as the mighty Warrior Trappist, who has proven very useful when things turn foul and we must fight. Another fellow who is equally useful is Javier who has a names to match his strength both of which are in no short supply. The 3rd I met was Aelar a religious Elf, being religious myself I feel as if I could get along well with this man. lastly is Clair, I find myself at a loss when it comes to her much like she does when it comes to her brain…

No sooner did we meet than we saw a mighty dragon besieging our destination Greenest. we all felt the need to rush to the aid of this town and rescue anyone in need, Because it is through good deeds that one wins the hearts of the people. we set about rescuing those we could and Clair proved somewhat useful in avoiding some fights (though to our dismay this proved to only be a temporary measure).

While rescuing those we could we learned that the common folk were making toward the keep where the militia was stationed. We made this our destination with towns folk in tow. Upon reaching the Keep we were greeted by a rather odd Dwarf that seemed to have a habit of collecting keys, He even let me borrow one so that I might rescue some other poor souls that have been neglected by their goddess. I set about gathering the others when I heard a rather large explosion coming from the mess hall. I turned to see Javier running away holding what looked to be some rather tasty looking sandwiches, (he later informed me that are called Tortas) being chased by a few angry words from the cook. I also spied Trappist coming down a flight of stairs covered in what looked to be more blood than he had before we arrived. At the top of the stairs was a rather grateful looking man.

We made our way through a Secret tunnel out of the keep where Aelar had us stop so that he could talk to some nearby rats which Javier befriended by feeding them one of his Tortas. We left the tunnel with a better looking door than it started with and made haste towards those in need. We happened across a poor Kobold that was having problems transporting his goods, the poor thing seemed to faint from exhaustion when Clair approached to aid the creature. While he was passed out, I decided to help the poor thing out and relieve him of his burden. Hopefully when he awakens, he will find his travels lighter.

When we reached the Cathedral where those in need were trapped, Clair boldly walked straight up to the enemy and told them like those many before to go attack the keep, which they all did (not only is this girl not right in the head but she keeps sending the enemy to attack those we are trying to help…) we quickly dispatched a door and a few Kobold that remained and brought everyone back to the Keep.

I greeted the friendly dwarf and informed him that his key had been lost, to which he seemed gladdened by. He asked us to quickly aid in the defense of the Keep for as it turned out everyone that Clair had told to attack the keep had indeed come to do so. They were being led by a rather princely looking lady. So as we rushed to defend the gate, Javier turned and fled back down the tunnel yelling something about rats. The red dwarf and the priest Falcon Blade proved their worth and together we fought back the assaulters with the aid of Javier’s rats, and some mostly decorative cannons.

Just as it seemed as the battle was over, Clair exchanged some choice words with the enemy leader, who then set the Dragon against us (I’m starting to wonder who’s side Clair is really on…)

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