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A young human woman in with long black hair and slender physique that allows for easily navigating narrow back alleys and uneven rooftops.


Morgiana was first encountered by the party in Waterdeep, when she and a group of bandits ambushed the party in a dark alley.

The party was able to defeat the bandits. Clair in particular was able to subdue Morgiana with a combination of fondling and a charm spell.

After the fight, Clair took the still charmed Morgiana in for a “girl’s night”. However, when the charm wore off, Morgiana lured Clair (and Trappist) into another dark alley and stabbed her.

However, Morgiana was humored by the party’s unconventional nature and methods, and offered to let Clair hire her to work for the party, to which Clair agreed.

Before the party left Waterdeep, Morgiana took them to Undermountain and thoroughly enjoyed their dismay as they made their way through the seldom-explored corridors.

Morgiana works for a prominent thieves’ guild in Waterdeep, however, she has shown to be familiar with Bandit Keith of the Baldur’s Gate thieves’ guild, though neither of them have chosen to explicitly mention it.

Morgiana is currently charging Clair around 15GP/day for her services, depending on what is asked of her.


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