Nesim Waladra

Prudent student


Nesim is a human monk and disciple of Leosin Erlanthar.

Born and raised in Berdusk, Nesim lived a fairly uneventful life until Leosin came to the town one Summer’s morning, bringing with him great tales of dragons and corruption and magnificent displays of skill and the martial arts.

Nesim was enamored, and pleaded with Leosin to take Nesim as his disciple. Leosin reluctantly agreed and spent several years training Nesim as they traveled. While Nesim is not as strong as his master, he is still a practiced martial artist and fierce warrior.

He has been traveling with Leosin across the greater expanse of Faerûn in order to expose the secrets of the Cult of the Dragon. Nesim is slightly naive in this regard, as he is still somewhat beholden to the idea of glory and combat rather than peace and justice for the realm.

The party first encountered Nesim in the town of Greenest the morning after is was raided by the Cult of the Dragon. Nesim was in the house of Governor Nighthill asking for help, as he was badly injured and he believes his master had been kidnapped by the cult a day prior to the raid.

He informed the party that Leosin was likely taken to a raider camp a few miles Southeast of Greenest and that one of Leosin’s other disciples was traveling to Berdusk to enlist the help of any warriors and adventurers that might be there, but that would likely take a few days.

Nesim Waladra

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