Setanel Ita

Mama's boy.


An initiate belonging to the Cult of the Dragon.

Originally hailing from Iriabor, Setanel found out about the cult of the dragon and decided that some of their ideals matched his own. He was never very strong-willed or ambitious, so despite being in the cult for over a year, he never moved past an initiate rank.

Setanel was found along with several other cultists and a hoard of kobolds along a trail leading Southeast away from the town of Greenest. The group had fallen behind the rest of the raiders and decided to make a small camp out in the open to cook a few wild hens they had found.

The party was able to ambush and quickly subdue to group, leaving Setanel alive to provide them with information.

Setanel reinforced the party’s belief that they were heading in the right direction and that the monk Leosin was indeed being held at the raider camp. He also alerted to party to the existence of the cult’s rearguard, who stood watch in an ambush position shortly outside of the raider camp.

Unfortunately, the party determined that Setanel had outlived his usefulness and still had to atone for his misdeeds, so his life was cut short by Trapist.

Setanel Ita

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