Tirofa Tat

Current Party Debt: Paid


A rather rotund and shrewd businessman living as a merchant in the town of Greenest.

He chose to live in Greenest as he found it a great spot to rip off traveling adventurers as they passed between the larger cities, and the frequent visits from caravans and traders meant he could often purchase decent quantities of that trader’s particular merchandise for a bit less than one would need to pay at an actual store, meaning he will always come out ahead even if he has to sell his goods at market price.

Tirofa is skilled in the ways of moneymaking, and will never turn down an opportunity to line his pockets, so much so that he was first encountered by the party manning his general store merely an hour after the raiders belonging to the Cult of the Dragon left the town.

While Tirofa does not like the idea of losing money or even breaking even, he understood the great lengths the party went through in order to protect the town and was willing to lower his prices for them, even allowing Clair to build up a tab that she could not immediately pay off, and was willing to provide the party with various supplies free of charge after the governor informed him that the party would be traveling to the raider’s camp to retrieve the town’s stolen goods.

The morning after the party returned from their rescue mission to the raider camp, the party found Tirofa trading and conversing with Tito Ugetseem, whom he regularly purchases armor and various other wares from. One of the party members bought a piece of armor directly from Tito. This irked Tirofa somewhat, as the party was essentially bypassing his shop to buy directly from the supplier for cheap.

Tirofa Tat

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